This page will carry information and links to documents which relate to the ongoing work of the Church. The documents below relate to the Church Annual General Meeting:

Minutes 2017 AGM

2017 AGM Agenda

St Michael 2016 – 2017 Trustees Annual Report

2016 AGM Minutes

Below are two documents concerned with the Rector Vacancy:They are essentially the same as those previously published here, with MAP objectives and some helpful minor amendments from Maggie Sheen.

This version will be placed in the back of the church today.

St Michael’s Congregational Profile ch 5

Rector Profile updated 28 Nov

If you wish to suggest amendments to these documents they will open in Microsoft Word.  You will need to enable editing with the Enable Editing button just below the toolbar. Please save the document to your PC with your initials as part of the file name, when you have made changes send the document (with your initials) by email to Nicholas Davies –