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Bishop Kevin at St Michael’s

We were honoured to welcome Bishop Kevin Pearson, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway to St Michael’s to preside and preach during the Christ the King service, on Sunday, 22 November 2020. Here he is seen with the Rector, Reverend Dom Ind, after the service, suitably social distanced according to the guidelines!

Join in to welcome Bishop Kevin

Click on the link below to watch our video on how you can welcome Bishop Kevin! https://www.stmichaelhelensburgh.org.uk/2020/06/26/welcome-bishop-kevin/

Watch: Third Sunday after Pentecost

After the initial audio issues with the video for the Third Sunday after Pentecost, a new video has been uploaded. Please view it by clicking on the link below.

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During Holy Week some truly wonderful Easter Trees were created to cheer up families and neighbours in lock down during the COVID-19 crisis. Click on the image above to see all the photographs of the Easter Trees we received, some with and some without their stories.

2020 Easter Sunday Reflections at St Michael and All Angels, Helensburgh


2020 Easter Vigil at St Michael and All Angels, Helensburgh

2020 Good Friday Reflections – Revd Dom Ind, Rector

How the Virus Stole Easter

What a beautiful read during Holy Week:
By Kristi Bothur - With a nod to Dr. Seuss ?

Twas late in ‘19 when the virus began
Bringing chaos and fear to all people, each land.

People were sick, hospitals full,
Doctors overwhelmed, no one in school.

As winter gave way to the promise of spring,
The virus raged on, touching peasant and king.

People hid in their homes from the enemy unseen.
They YouTubed and Zoomed, social-distanced, and cleaned.

April approached and churches were closed.
“There won’t be an Easter,” the world supposed.

“There won’t be church services, and egg hunts are out.
No reason for new dresses when we can’t go about.”

Holy Week started, as bleak as the rest.
The world was focused on masks and on tests.

“Easter can’t happen this year,” it proclaimed.
“Online and at home, it just won’t be the same.”

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the days came and went.
The virus pressed on; it just would not relent.

The world woke Sunday and nothing had changed.
The virus still menaced, the people, estranged.

“Pooh pooh to the saints,” the world was grumbling.
“They’re finding out now that no Easter is coming.

“They’re just waking up! We know just what they’ll do!
Their mouths will hang open a minute or two,
And then all the saints will all cry boo-hoo.

“That noise,” said the world, “will be something to hear.”
So it paused and the world put a hand to its ear.

And it did hear a sound coming through all the skies.
It started down low, then it started to rise.

But the sound wasn’t depressed.
Why, this sound was triumphant!
It couldn’t be so!
But it grew with abundance!

The world stared around, popping its eyes.
Then it shook! What it saw was a shocking surprise!

Every saint in every nation, the tall and the small,
Was celebrating Jesus in spite of it all!

It hadn’t stopped Easter from coming! It came!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!

And the world with its life quite stuck in quarantine
Stood puzzling and puzzling.
“Just how can it be?”

“It came without bonnets, it came without bunnies,
It came without egg hunts, cantatas, or money.”

Then the world thought of something it hadn’t before.
“Maybe Easter,” it thought, “doesn’t come from a store.
Maybe Easter, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

And what happened then?
Well....the story’s not done.
What will YOU do?
Will you share with that one
Or two or more people needing hope in this night?
Will you share the source of your life in this fight?

The churches are empty - but so is the tomb,
And Jesus is victor over death, doom, and gloom.

So this year at Easter, let this be our prayer,
As the virus still rages all around, everywhere.

May the world see hope when it looks at God’s people.
May the world see the church is not a building or steeple.
May the world find Faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection,
May the world find Joy in a time of dejection.
May 2020 be known as the year of survival,
But not only that -
Let it start a revival.

On Hope through Faith

On Monday of Holy Week 2020, Dom and I witnessed this AWESOME sight in St Michael and All Angels, Helensburgh.

The closure of all churches in the country due to the coronavirus crisis had led to Dom and I being in the church to record videos when we noticed the font beginning to glow!

The sun was shining through one of the roof windows on the south side of the church directly onto the pulpit. The marble pulpit has three roundels featuring Faith, Hope and Charity and for 7 minutes, between 2.51 and 2.58 in the afternoon, a sunbeam shone through the marble of the pulpit lighting up the face of Faith till it blazed like fire. We stood mesmerized as we watched her expression change as the sun moved across her face – awesome indeed!

Thankfully, because of the video recording, we had the equipment there to take these amazing pictures of the event.

We feel truly blessed to have witnessed this, especially during these dark and troubled days, and wish everyone in Helensburgh to be aware/know that this miracle happened during this holiest week in the Christian calendar 2020.

May it be truly a sign of FAITH for the future when this crisis is over.

Anna Ind
St Michael & All Angles

Interestingly the suns rays shone on Hope (3rd picture which is at the front of the pulpit) but through Faith.

The Rt Rev Kevin Pearson has formally resigned his position as Bishop of Argyll and The Isles with effect from the end of June 2020. He will translate to the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway on 1 July 2020.

– read more here

The Liturgy of Palms in the Trinity Chapel at St Michael and All Angels Church, Helensburgh for Sunday, 5 April 2020, the blessings of 100 Palm Crosses at the High Altar and the Adagio by Ignace Pleyel (1757 – 1831) played by Janina and Mark Duncan.

Palm Crosses

To view the readings for Palm Sunday, 5 April 2020, please click here

NHS Appreciation – Thursday, 2 April 2020

Weekly Message from the Rector, the Revd Dom Ind

The March -April 2020 edition of The Messenger is now available. Please click on the link below to view it:

The Messenger: Mar | Apr 2020

‘In a time of many isolations’. Debbie Lewer looks at Botticelli’s painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Listen to the podcast here: https://thecathedral.org.uk/2020/03/25/podcast-for-the-annunication/

Debbie was our preacher on Sunday, 1 March 2020 (Lent 1)

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A hymn from our Eucharist on Sunday, 15 March 2020

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  1. How much I appreciated the Liturgy for Palm Sunday, thank you to all who made this happen, it so helps you to feel connected.

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