The Feast of St Michael – 2019

On Sunday 29th September 2019 we celebrated the Feast of St Michael & All Angels – our Patronal Festival. At the Sung Eucharist, our guest preacher was Canon Michael Webb from the Carlisle Diocese.

His theme was Angels as God’s messengers.  Perhaps today they do not appear as shining winged creatures to us, but they are with us as our family, friends, mentors, and others who help us through example, counsel, or comment to better see how to carry out God’s needs and wishes here in the world.  We should listen to others, they may perhaps unwittingly be Gods Messengers like St Michael.

The congregation shared a St Michael’s day cake as we did last year. The inscription reads ‘St Michael protect us’.

And the flowers round the cake are, of course, Michaelmas daisies.

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