Malawi Style Lunch

The church is supporting this project in Malawi, in association with the Rotary Club, more information on the right.

Saturday, 23 November 2019 served from 12 noon onwards
space limited so hurry up!
Hosted by Maureen & Henry Douglass
1 Upper Adelaide Street, Helensburgh
Raising money for the Lingadzi Sports Academy
Please let us know if you want to join us, sign up forms at the back of the church or email or call 01436 674 763
Bring your own bowl and spoon! 
Dress: African or something bright!
PAYMENT will be by Donation, all proceeds to the Appeal, and we like Gift Aid please

Lunch will be a basic meal based on ingredients used in Malawi

  • A bean stew based on dried beans cooked with tomato, onion, and other vegetables over many hours.
  • Refried beans cooked with sweet potato and combined with a tomato based sauce. 
  • Both dishes served with fair trade Kilombero rice grown in Malawi by smallholder farmers.

Traditionally cooking might take place outside in a big pot over an open fire, but as it is winter in Scotland we make no apologies for cooking in our kitchen!

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