Easter Trees for Easter 2020

Collage of Easter Trees

During Holy Week some truly wonderful Easter Trees were created to cheer up families and neighbours in lock down during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are the photographs of the Easter Trees we received, some with and some without their stories.

Adam & Eva Cowburn (Eva is Swedish)

In Sweden it’s the tradition to decorate birch branches with feathers and eggs lambs etc.   So we’ve done that but with less decoration than usual.

Dom and Anna Ind

Kevin & Joy Boak 

Some years we forget to put up our Easter tree, but your email was a good prompt for us to set it up today, in readiness for Easter Day. The wreath on the top came from Innsbruck and the eggs are wood, porcelain or proper eggshells from places we gave visited in Europe (mainly Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy) and St. Petersburg.

Joan & John Sadden 

Appreciating God’s creation!

Helen Gibson

Here is a close up of my Easter Tree – decorated with some little Easter ornaments from an ‘artificial’ Easter tree we had when we lived in Canada 25 years ago and with sea glass.d’s creation!

Marion & Michael Blake

Hamamellis  with Erythronium “bells”.

Sammy Harris 

Jane & Nick Davies 

Sue and James Ashby 

Roni Stephenson

I’ve had a lovely afternoon in the garden, in the sunshine, looking for suitable twigs, finding a suitable basket, then rooting out my various bags of decorations, etc!  Thoroughly enjoyed myself! 

Jenny Trust 

Found all sorts of things from past Easter tables and drew a few rabbits! Here it is!

Janina & Mark Duncan 

Our Easter decorations belonged to Mark’s German grannie and she had them in the 1950’s. We’ve used them every Easter for the last 27 years.

Karen Sheppard Flynn

Bay tree

Maureen & Brian

Margaret Wardill

Nature’s design, not mine obviously 

Kate Bennett

Andrea & Iona Gibson

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  1. Congratulations everyone. A magnificent effort!

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