Contributions for June 2020 The Messenger

Request for contributions for The Messenger

Dear Friends,
After some discussion it has been agreed to publish a June edition of the MESSENGER electronically to keep all members of the congregation informed of and as a just-in-case scenario in the event that lockdown for COVID-19 is lifted.
If it is lifted then a full print will be made but, otherwise, copies will only be printed for those who cannot access electronic copies via the website or Facebook.
I would ask you all to send whatever contributions you wish to make by latest Saturday, 17th May for end of the month publication including readers lists and the like for the just-in-case event of the church re-opening. Information required for the Sunday services such as readings, psalms and hymns will be listed but there is no need to plan for walks, coffee mornings and the like at this stage.
I would love to be able to include tales of the lockdown with whatever has most affected you all at this time. You are welcome to contribute by post if you have no access to electronic means of communication. I would like to publish stories of recent walks from members of the Rambling Club to remind us of what we are missing.
Contributions to me at my email:
or contact me for my postal address if you would like to mail your contribution.
Keep safe and best wishes to you all,
Richard Smith, Editor

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