The Messenger – September/October 2020

Request for contributions for The Messenger

Request for contributions for the next edition of The Messenger

Dear Friends,
As the vestry are now considering a proposal to re-open the church for worship under restricted conditions provisionally on 30th August, the previously notified Publication date of 30th August will not allow the distribution to be completed to the congregation in time. Accordingly, the 16th August handing-in date will be changed to 9th August 2020 and Publication date to 23rd August 2020. Please let me have all your input by 9th August.

You are all invited to share your reflections, prayers and anecdotes to make this a special edition for all our readers and celebrate our somewhat muted return to worship in St. Michael’s on 30th August. 

I intend the cover image to be one I have used before of a beautiful flower arrangement next to the pulpit. If anyone has a better idea, please send me the image file and I will have a look at it.
With love to you all,
Richard Smith – Editor

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