Sunday Eucharist Resume at St Michael’s

Wednesday Eucharist

From this week, 1 September 2020, St Michael’s will no longer be open for individual prayers or meditation on a Tuesday morning.

However, the weekly 10:30 Sunday Eucharist resumes.

“We will resume our weekly 10.30 Sunday Eucharist, but it will be rather basic compared to what we are used to at St Michael’s. We’ve a strong choral tradition but unfortunately our choir will not be allowed to sing and indeed, there will be no congregational singing. Communion will be in one kind only (no wine) and we need to follow guidelines in the way we receive the sacrament. These will be noticeable differences but the overwhelmingly positive is that once again we will be able to feed on eucharistic food, something which has been denied most of us since Lent!

We are restricted to 50 people at each service, which is a challenge for a congregation of our size. You will need to reserve your place and if we’re
already over the limit for that Sunday, I’ll put you down for the following week. In 2 weeks, we will be able to offer Communion to 100 people which is still a challenge. Quite often we’ve over 100 communicants between the 8:00am and 10:30am Eucharists.”
Dom Ind, Rector

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