Minutes of AGM 2019

St Michael’s Church, Helensburgh

Minutes of Annual General Meeting of Constituent Members of the Congregation

Sunday 8th December 2019

St Michael’s Church Hall

The AGM opened with a prayer.

  1. Sederunt.

72 members of the congregation attended (Quorum is 25). A number of apologies had been received.

2. Minutes.

The minutes of the 2018 AGM were accepted as an accurate record.

Proposed by Richard Smith. Seconded by Mark Duncan.

3. Matters Arising.

There were no matters arising.

4. Election of Vestry Members.

a) The capacity of the Vestry is 6 – 9 elected members. 3 were standing down:

Ann Andrew, Helen Gibson, Geoff Mason.

The Rector paid tribute to each and thanked them for their service.

b) The following candidates had put themselves forward to serve as elected members and were duly elected:

Gerry Quickfall (Proposed by Julia Gourd. Seconded by Linda Sanders)

Roddy Mackenzie (Proposed by Geoff Mason. Seconded by Richard Smith) 

Trevor Quickfall (Proposed by Ann Packard. Seconded by Jo Scott)

5. Election of Lay Representatives.

The following candidates had volunteered to continue as Lay Representatives:

Lay Rep: Richard Horrell (Proposed by Nick Davies. Seconded by Trevor Quickfall)

Alternate Lay Rep: Richard Smith (Proposed by Nick Davies. Seconded by Maureen Kyle)

Both remain as Vestry members in their capacity as elected Lay Representatives. 

Margaret Wardil was elected 2ndAlternate Lay Representative (Proposed by Ann Packard. Seconded by Richard Smith)

6. Trustees Annual Report (TAR) & Accounts.

a) The TAR and accounts had been made available prior to the AGM, both as paper copies left at the back of the church and on the St Michaels’ website.

b) The Hon. Treasurer delivered a verbal brief on the salient points:

(i) Income had been reduced at £111,862 compared with £128,775 last year. This was because last year we had received a large Provincial grant and a number of large donations from the congregation. 

(ii) Total expenditure was up by £11,136 because of the expenditure on replacement boilers and the rectory garage. No large expenditures are expected in the coming year.

(iii) Our share portfolio held in the SEC Unit Trust Pool gained £5,979 and our bank balances cash in hand on 31stAugust totalled £38,631, a slight increase on last year.

(iv) We received a Gift Aid payment from HMRC of £17,012, a grant of £2,000 from the Miss Bell Trust, a cheque for £1,000 in memory of Maggie Sheen and £5,000 legacy from Irene Hunter’s estate.

(v) In spite of the £10,808 decrease, our finances are generally in good order, and our income covers our daily running costs. Income does not however cover large projects, for which fundraising is therefore required. 

(vi) The Vestry resolved to continue with our charitable giving, supporting local charities.

(vii) The Honorary Treasurer paid particular tribute to church fundraising efforts, and the social committee in particular.

(viii) The outgoing Stewardship Convener, John Lewis, has moved away. He was thanked for his efforts. Jane Davies has kindly taken over the role.

(ix) Thanks were given to all those who help with financial tasks, including the recording and paying in of Sunday collections, recording the flower fund, managing hall lets, management of coffee morning takings, and finally to the congregation for their donations.

7. A number of issues were raised by the congregation:

a) The accounts omit mention of money set aside in support of other charities. This information had been deleted by the accountants, but it was confirmed that the Vestry had agreed to continue to support other charities from church funds, to an affordable level. The rationale behind our support for ‘Contraflow’, ‘The Beacon Trust’ and ‘Helensburgh Food Bank’ was explained. This had been covered in the Vestry report to The Messenger.

b) The accounts did not mention what had happened to the remnant of the Conservation Fund. This had been spent on various upkeep projects, such as roof and guttering maintenance.

c) A discussion took place regarding the comparison of accounts with previous years. The difference was caused by this year’s accounts not being accrued. 

d) The Rector summed up the discussion on financial matters by thanking the social committee and then highlighting:

(i) The importance of Gift Aid.

(ii) A future stewardship campaign, noting that the congregation at St Michael’s is generous. It is important to strike the right balance and avoid too frequent financial demands on people. The next stewardship campaign is likely during Lent 2021.

8.Appointment of Independent Examiner.

a) The Honorary Treasurer explained that it has become clear that ‘Clements’ Chartered Accountants did not regard St Michael’s accounts as a high priority. There had been delays and significant frustration. A change of accountants was recommended, and a potential candidate had been identified.

b) It was agreed that the Honorary Treasurer is given authority to engage an alternative auditor to conduct our independent check. Proposed by Trevor Quickfall, Seconded by Ann Packard. 

9.Rector’s Report.

The Rector’s report had been delivered during the 1030 service. A copy is available on the St Michael’s website.


There being no AOCB, the AGM concluded with the Grace. 

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