St Michael’s Christmas Wreaths… and a Tree!

Christmas Wreaths at St Michaels

What beautiful Christmas wreaths are displayed on doors and in gardens by our parishioners. And there’s even one tree to enjoy! Scroll down to have a look!

The wreath on the Rectory’s front door.

Ann Packard’s wreath.

Joan and John Sadden’s Christmas Tree. John wrote: “Joan is not making a wreath this year but thought that you might like to see our Christmas Tree.  This year Joan thought that she would base it on “Hark the Herald Angels sing”.  You will see lots of angels and some musical symbols on the tree.”

Aliet and Chris Ray’s suet, cranberries, peanuts and seed wreath for the birds – before it was ‘attacked’ by the pigeons and the other garden birds!

Anna Ind’s daughter, Andrea’s, wreath.

Joy Boak wrote: “This is our home-decorated wreath, which we have had for 25+ years. I chose decorations to represent much of what Christmas means to our family: decorations; church and music; gifts; brighter stars; seasonal landscapes and flowers. The wreath still looks as good as new. “

Anna Ind’s daughter, Karen’s, wreath.

Lindsay and Andrew Lockart’s wreath and ‘Merry Christmas’ mat.

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