Intercessions for Sunday 7th February 2021

Prayer of Thanksgiving, Intercession and Commemoration

Intercessor: Jane Taylor

Gracious God, we thank you for everything you have revealed to us of your greatness and your love; and for everyone who has borne witness to your glory since time and the world began. Silence

Heavenly Father, as we marvel at the way your Holy Spirit has transformed the lives of men and women like us – inspiring them with such a passion to make your Word known that they have braved hostility, ridicule and indifference – we bless you for the privilege of being your agents on earth: entrusted with the task of keeping the flame of faith burning brightly. Silence

As we thank you, most of all, for sending your Son, Jesus Christ to brighten even the darkest corners of the world with the light of your truth and the hope of your promise: we make our prayers of concern and hope. Silence

Loving God, we give thanks, and pray for the continued work and witness of every branch of your Son’s Church: which, despite wide differences in doctrine and in practice, seeks to bring people everywhere to faith and new life. Silence

We ask Your blessing on our Queen: who, in her long reign, has ever been mindful of her Coronation vows, and done her utmost to ensure the peace and health of our land. Silence

May her ministers and government follow her example, and be dutiful and diligent in seeking the good of all people in our country, our continent and our Commonwealth. Silence

As you have reached out to help your children in years gone by: hold out your arms to suffering people in this present time. Silence

Let those who endure sickness and pain feel your healing touch. Silence

Let those whose lives are a constant battle with poverty, loneliness and despair receive abundant richness and hope from your hand. Silence

Let those who have lost family, friends and home through strife or natural disaster find peace, safe haven, and the strength to build new lives. Silence

Let those who mourn find comfort in your embrace. Silence

And grant us all the deep and quiet certainty that you hold us firmly in your grasp so that none of us may ever be afraid of stumbling and falling. Silence

Lord our God, we give thanks for those who were faithful to you in this life – in particular, today, for Callon Smith and John Spens who are now at rest with you in the eternal joy of the kingdom of heaven. May we run our race as steadfastly as they did theirs; and, at the last, join them in your Presence: through Jesus Christ our Lord,  Amen.

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