Intercessions for Palm Sunday – 28th March 2021

Prayer of Thanksgiving, Intercession and Commemoration

Intercessor: Jane Taylor

Friends, this morning, we have set out with Jesus on the last stage of his journey through this mortal life. So far, with crowds of friends and well-wishers lining the route, our way has been easy. But from tomorrow onwards, the road will become progressively steeper and harder. Before the week is out, it will lead us through Gethsemane, up to Golgotha, then, finally, to the Tomb.

If we are to keep faith with our Lord and Saviour until his return, we must cultivate the same vision and compassion for the world that he has shown us. So let us offer to God our prayers of hope and concern –

Let us pray:

Eternal God, King of Kings and Lord of Hosts – In an unparalleled outpouring of love and mercy you laid aside all power and glory to come to us, as one of us, in the Person of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Though we cannot begin to grasp the enormity of your action, we bring you our thanks and praise

•for everything that Jesus has taught, and demonstrated of your nature;

•for the new and everlasting life that he has won for us;

•for the sacrifice of his life, which has brought us the privilege of our adoption as your beloved sons and daughters;

– and for the sure promise that Christ will come again, to restore your rule on earth. Silence

Heavenly Father,

You long to gather all people under the shelter of your wing, to see the earth restored to its original state of beauty and perfection, and to live in close harmony with all of creation. Mindful of your Will, we ask your blessing on the Church, that she may become truly the Body of Christ in the world.

May she be sensitive and compassionate in all her work, and walk humbly with you: drawing ever more of your children to a deep knowledge and love of you. We pray for Her Majesty, Elizabeth, our Queen: giving thanks for her faith in you, and for her devotion to duty. Bless her, counsel and strengthen her, that our land and all her dominions may know peace and stability. Silence

Gracious God,

Your hands have made us and fashioned us in Your image; You have designed us to walk in green pastures, beside still waters: Yet we persist in striking out on the stormy sea of life, running the flood tides of temptation and foundering in the breakers of fear and anger, jealousy and greed. We pray for all places where there is war and unrest; where violence and destruction are a daily reality – and for all people who suffer: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. May we be blind to differences of race, of nationality; of faith, of language, and of circumstance, recognising only that we are all simply brothers and sisters in You and reach out to give whatever help and support we can. We pray for those who are sick, or disabled; for those who are alone, and lonely; for those sunk in despair, who cannot pray for themselves: and for those who mourn. Let them know the light and peace of your Presence; grant them comfort, healing and hope – and help us to surround them with such love and warmth that the bitterness of their sorrow may be relieved, and hope return to them. Silence

Lord of life,

We give thanks for those faithful servants and saints of all ages, who have followed Jesus through trouble and doubt, sorrow and disaster, never stopping to count the cost or heed their wounds: who have found the fountain of life, and the door to paradise. May the memory of their lives so inspire us, that we may be filled with fresh zest and vigour for our own pilgrimage, and come at last to join them in the light and joy of your Presence.

We will now have a period of silence to offer our own petitions

We ask these things in the name and for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

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