Intercessions for Sunday 16th May 2021

Prayers of Thanksgiving & Intercession

Intercessor: Jane Taylor

Lord of all life and goodness, by your grace and mercy, you have revealed that nothing can separate us from your love.

Every barrier falls before its power: the strongest of walls, the stoutest of locked doors, the hardest and most bitter of hearts.

Even death, once our last and greatest enemy, has no dominion over us since Jesus’ rising from the tomb.

The way has been cleared, and the gates have been opened for us to enter your kingdom; and find the everlasting life of freedom and peace.

We give you thanks, our God, that your generous love intends a future for us which is far greater than we can imagine, and infinitely beyond our deserving; but we thank you still more for all you do to assure us that our trust in you is secure.

Like Jesus appearing to his disciples in the days between Easter and Pentecost: you come to us when we least expect you: breaking open the prisons that confine us; bringing comfort, healing and hope, and strengthening us to help others.

Reminded that we are never alone – in trouble, or in joy – we make our prayers of concern and hope for the world, for each other and ourselves.

Heavenly Father, we ask your blessing on the Church here, and throughout the world.

Whatever the differences in our ways of worshipping and expressing our faith – help us to live together in love and unity; and grant that your Holy Spirit may renew his power among us: that by word and deed, we may bring fresh hope to the world. Silence

Lord, hear our prayer

We ask your blessing on our Queen and all who serve her; that she may continue to reign over us with wisdom, with love and with obedience to you.

May your love and truth shine forth in our land, and none be left in misery or want. Silence

Lord, hear our prayer

We pray for all places which are scarred by long histories of unrest and discontent; of fear and poverty; of pain and injustice. For the people who suffer there, and who long for peace with justice and prosperity. We ask that they may know your love and your care and find new life and hope through you. Silence

Lord, hear our prayer

We pray for those who are ill; and for the people who care for them. For all who need our special support and help; and for those who mourn. Let them know your Presence enfolding them; and help them to find your healing, your comfort and your peace. Silence

Lord, hear our prayer

In silence, we name before you those whose needs are our own particular concern…


Lord, hear our prayer

Loving and gracious Father,we remember and give thanks for all the faithful departed; especially, today, Stewart Symons, Ernest Marsland, Geoffrey Walton and Bridget Robinson who, having run their race with discipline and perseverance have won the Crown of Life, and are at rest in you.

Keep us in fellowship with all your saints, and bring us at last to the joy of your heavenly Kingdom: where there are no more tears and no more partings; but joy and peace eternally: through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

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