Intercessions for Sunday 13th June 2021

Intercessions for Pentecost 3

Intercessor: Kevin Boak

The response in our prayers to the words, ‘Lord our God’ is, your kingdom come in us as it is in heaven.

Blessed are you, Lord God, for you give the increase to our sowing, to our work, to our plantings. You are the giver of life and life in abundance. May we put our faith in your goodness and, when we have sown, trust the increase to you. Though our faith is often small, it is in a Mighty God. 

We give thanks for those who taught us the faith, who sowed the seeds of the gospel in our hearts. We ask your blessing on teachers and preachers, upon ministers of the word and sacraments. We pray for Christian homes where your word is honoured. We pray for the Bible Society and Bible translators, and for other mission agencies like Scripture Union and the Contraflow project in Helensburgh, where your good news is made known. Silence

Lord our God, your kingdom come in us as it is in heaven.

Lord, we long for the time when the kingdom of the world will become fully the kingdom of Christ our Lord. May the rulers on earth learn to reflect the gentle and loving rule of your kingdom in heaven. Bring lasting peace to areas like Israel/Palestine and Yemen. We pray for all who strive to do your will in their workplaces and homes, making their small contribution to the growth of your kingdom. Silence

Lord our God, your kingdom come in us as it is in heaven.

We give thanks for those who love us and show us through their lives a glimpse of your kingdom. We ask your blessing on our homes and loved ones, and pray especially for those without friends or family, for the shunned and unloved in society, the homeless and those struggling with addictions. We pray for children in care or those living in fractured home situations. May your love somehow reach them in their desperation. Silence

Lord our God, your kingdom come in us as it is in heaven.

We give thanks for the work of healing in our hospitals and through the healing professions. We pray for our local health providers in the GP practices in the area, the Vale of Leven Hospital and further afield in Paisley and Glasgow, after the many months of intense pressure because of Covid. We remember particularly countries with inadequate health provision, for supplies of oxygen, PPE, ventilators and vaccines in India, Brazil and elsewhere in the developing world. We remember people caught up in natural and manmade disasters, and pray for relief agencies trying to bring help.

We pray for good care and healing for those known to us who are currently receiving hospital treatment, for those recovering at home and those waiting anxiously for future diagnosis and treatment……………………………………………


Lord our God, your kingdom come in us as it is in heaven.

We give thanks for all the saints, for those who spread the Word of God under hostile conditions and gave their lives for the cause of the gospel. We thank you for all those who continue to work to spread the love of God in word and deed, praying you will give them courage and protection.

We remember all our loved ones who are departed from us (pausing to reflect and offer thanks for those precious to us in memory……………….) and pray that they rejoice in the fullness of your kingdom. 

In Silence, we name before you those whose needs are our own particular concern……………….

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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