Intercessions for Sunday 11th July 2021

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Intercessor: Joan Thomson

Those who speak out God’s will are bound to be vulnerable to rejection and abuse.

To the words: Show us your loving kindness O Lord

Please reply: And grant us your salvation

Father, we pray for more thankful hearts to bless you, because the gifts we receive from you are so much more than we deserve. We pray for all Benedictines as the Church remembers Benedict of Nursia today. We give thanks for the work of our church in the community, for Kevin our Bishop, Dom our Rector and Kevin our Lay Reader and their families. We pray that, as we are permitted to meet informally once again, that our church community may shine with goodness and love, humility and truth. We thank you, Father, for the gift of music this church has received over so many years. We ask your blessing on all who have made music in this place – our choir and our organists. We think especially today of the pleasure Barbara has given us with her organ playing and her dedication and ask you to give her strength to enjoy her retirement.  Silence

Show us your loving kindness O Lord: And grant us your salvation.

Father we give you thanks for John the Baptist and the way he stood against an evil regime in which Herod abused his position. Keep us and our local, national and world leaders from contempt for what is just and true in your eyes. We thank you for the gift of your kingdom to us. We rejoice in our freedom and the freedom of our Church and country. We pray for all those who protest in all corners of the world, against dictatorship and corruption, and who give their lives for truth and freedom. We remember all those who are persecuted for their faith in you and for making a stand against evil. Silence

Show us your loving kindness O Lord: And grant us your salvation.

Father, we pray that our households and neighbourhoods may be areas of praise and thankfulness, not only in the places where we are comfortable, but particularly through these disturbed and difficult times. We pray for our hope and strength to increase in the face of this new wave of Covid 19. We remember before you all who are slaves to sin. We pray for drug addicts, alcoholics and those who gamble away their lives. We ask your love to strengthen all who are in homes where there is oppression and where lives are not valued. We pray for all who suffer mental anguish or physical pain.  Silence

Show us your loving kindness O Lord: And grant us your salvation.

Father, we pray for all those on our prayer list and those suffering illnesses who are known to us personally. Lord we pray for the time when your kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. We join our prayers with our loved ones departed, remembering today the family of Donald Strachan, and with all your saints praying that we may all know your rule and enjoy your presence. Silence

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

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