Intercessions for Sunday 1st August 2021

Pentecost 10

Intercessor: Kevin Boak

Let us pray to the God who loves us, knows our needs and provides for us. The response in our prayers to the words, ‘Feed us, Father’ is, with the bread of life.

As the travelling people of God, we pray for a deepening hunger for the things of God and a loosening of our grip on all the wants and expectations which prevent us from moving forward in God’s way. We pray for church leaders and all involved in Christian teaching, that we may all receive the spiritual nourishment we need. Silence

Feed us, Father, with the bread of life.

As brothers and sisters with the whole of creation, we pray for respect and reverence among people regardless of wealth or status; for responsible sharing of resources and consideration for the natural world. May we be responsible stewards and work together to combat global warming, with the problems of extreme weather events and the destruction of homes and farmland. We pray for preparations for the Glasgow COP26 conference later this year, for constructive dialogue and positive progress between nations.  Silence

Feed us, Father, with the bread of life.

As we prepare and eat our food each day, we pray for those who grow and manufacture it, distribute it and sell it, particularly thinking at present of the challenges of Covid contact tracing causing shortages of critical staff. May we be careful citizens, mindful of the wastefulness of Western society, and remember the needs of those in the developing world or hidden in our own society who struggle to afford nourishing food. May we strike the right balance to seek first the kingdom of God, rather than pursuing material possessions. Silence

Feed us, Father, with the bread of life.

As we ask for daily bread, we pray for those who hunger emotionally or try to survive on spiritual junk food. May they find sustenance and peace in their hearts and minds. We pray for those suffering from physical ailments and for health workers who have become exhausted providing care through many challenging months. We hold before God and in our hearts all who are on St Michael’s prayer list. Silence

Feed us, Father, with the bread of life.

As we remember with love those who have journeyed through physical death, we pray that, nourished by the Bread of Life, they may travel on eagles’ wings into the brightness of eternal life. Today we give thanks for the lives of all those known to us and for Ian Hume, whose funeral took place on Thursday. We pray for Sue and her family, and all who mourn the loss of loved ones. Silence

Feed us, Father, with the bread of life.

As we grow increasingly aware of our spiritual hunger, we give thanks for the wonder of God’s feeding throughout our days of travelling this earthly life, and long for the day when we will be united with all the saints who have gone ahead of us to worship before the throne of God. Silence

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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