Intercessions for Sunday 24th October 2021

St Michael & All Angels Church, Helensburgh

Intercessor: Joan Sadden

Prayers for a bruised planet
In our prayers today we are going to try to link our individual needs with the whole of creation.

Imagine standing outside this church of ours, and think of all it represents, the worship week by week, the daily prayer which no one sees, the spiritual energy which inspires people for their weekday tasks, the groups which meet here, the good works done. All the motley band of Christians that make up this local church of ours. In silence pray for the life of this church and the Christian Church throughout the world. SILENCE

Now rise above the church and see the whole town of Helensburgh and district . Be aware of its vibrancy, all the activities, the business being done people on the golf course, youths playing football, people in their gardens or washing their cars, people chatting, arguing, crying, laughing, plans being made, shops plying their wares, people sitting at bedsides tending the sick or elderly, children absorbed in their games. This is our town with its streets, parks, schools and offices, and also its stories, history and dreams. In silence let us pray for this town of ours, holding it in the warmth of God’s will and purpose. SILENCE

Now let us rise higher still and see the whole country of Scotland with all its multicultural vitality , its beautiful countryside of mountains, lochs, beaches and woods; and its overcrowded cities and struggling towns. We see a nation rich in talent, low in confidence, loving its football, addicted to television, largely content to live without God. We know our institutions are creaking, that it is hard to be a good politician, and that materialism is our major faith. In silence pray for one aspect of our Scotland and its people. SILENCE

Now let us rise higher still and see the whole World, so insignificant and yet so packed with life and purpose. A world of richness and complexity that needs very careful looking after. A world where mankind is constantly at war somewhere, where mankind has recklessly interfered with its balanced natural systems, has made extraordinary material progress, yet has been immeasurably cruel. A world where mankind has chosen to go its own way ignoring the Maker’s instructions. Hold this bruised planet before God, and pray for one aspect of its life. SILENCE

We now look at our failing health service, for the lack of staff, but also remembering the dedication of those who work in it, and pray for them and all who are sick in mind or body. In silence pray for one aspect of the health and wellbeing of our nation. SILENCE

Lastly we pray for those who have died, and those grieving for them. In your own words remember and pray for them. SILENCE

Hold us Lord in your peace, our hearts, our homes, our Church, our town, our nation, and our world.

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ


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