A New Year Message from Dom

We, Three Kings of the Orient Are, by John Henry Hopkins (1820 – 1891) is a much loved carol we sing in December- but it’s actually an Epiphany carol.
This feast is known in the US as Three Kings Day – and as the title says, it celebrates the visit of the three wise men to the Christ child.

It has a wonderful chorus: “O, star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright; westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to thy perfect light!

2019 has been quite a rough and tumble year, certainly if we look at the political landscape. Sometimes it felt like there was little to unite us – and yet on closer examination, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Have you ever wished to be guided by a light – a wondrous star clearly shining on your path? As we know, on occasions life can be bruising and complex decisions come our way,

The thornier the issue, the more we may find ourselves grappling with grey areas where it seems there is little black and white clarity to be found. That bright star becomes highly desirable, but it can be a little elusive. Many of us have been there – something we share as people.

In the church we talk about Christ as our guide. In a time of crisis, the inspiration of Christ’s teaching may be our compass – and whether it’s westward pointing or which ever direction, an inner light may shine on a clear path before us.

In 2020, I hope you find a star to guide you through the turbulence of highs and lows – and that you manage to embrace both – all part of what is to be a full human being.

Reproduced by kind permission of the Helensburgh Advertiser, from the 27 December 2019 edition.

Our Website

We have made some changes to the website, and added new content. We hope you will like the result, and we look forward to welcoming visitors. Tell your friends to follow us, and add us to your favourite places. We will endeavour to keep pace with what our Rector and the congregation are up to! So do come and look in on us often.

If you think we could improve the presentation or content of any aspect of the site then do let us know here, and of course if you find something which doesn’t work then let us know straight away, and we will fix it!
Henry Douglass
: info@stmichaelhelensburgh.org.uk

Malawi Style Lunch

The church is supporting this project in Malawi, in association with the Rotary Club, more information on the right.

Saturday, 23 November 2019 served from 12 noon onwards
space limited so hurry up!
Hosted by Maureen & Henry Douglass
1 Upper Adelaide Street, Helensburgh
Raising money for the Lingadzi Sports Academy
Please let us know if you want to join us, sign up forms at the back of the church or email hmdouglass@hotmail.co.uk or call 01436 674 763
Bring your own bowl and spoon! 
Dress: African or something bright!
PAYMENT will be by Donation, all proceeds to the Appeal, and we like Gift Aid please

Lunch will be a basic meal based on ingredients used in Malawi

  • A bean stew based on dried beans cooked with tomato, onion, and other vegetables over many hours.
  • Refried beans cooked with sweet potato and combined with a tomato based sauce. 
  • Both dishes served with fair trade Kilombero rice grown in Malawi by smallholder farmers.

Traditionally cooking might take place outside in a big pot over an open fire, but as it is winter in Scotland we make no apologies for cooking in our kitchen!

Lent at St Michael’s

To find out what is happening just click here

A bit of a do

Click here to find out what Mark is so happy about!

The Rambling Club Page

We have reorganised the Ramblers page a bit. You will find pictures of walks in 2019 and earlier on a separate page now, with details of upcoming walks at the top of the main page.

Did you know? You can tell us you like any page on the website and make comments which we will publish, subject to editorial agreement. Just go to the foot of each page to find the “likes” button and the Comments box.


Take a look at the photos from the walk at Balloch on 11 January 2020, you might recall it rained a little that day.

Christmas 2019 Services

This Week

Parkland School Christmas Service at St Michael’s
10am on Tuesday 17th December 2019 – all are welcome.

Please note that there will be no Tuesday Eucharist from this week until 7th January 2020

Christmas Trees

URC Christmas Tree Festival,
open daily Tuesday 10th –  Friday 13th December

10am – 8pm

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th 10am-4pm. 

Carol & Gift Service Sunday 15th at 4pm. Musical Interludes, refreshments and raffle. All proceeds to Sense Scotland and Bahamas Hurricane Appeal.

Malawi Appeal – latest

We welcomed over 40 supporters to our Malawi Style Lunch today. We suggested African dress or something bright, and we weren’t disappointed.

The Kilombero Rice from sustainable farms in Malawi with Bean Stew, and Refried Beans went down a storm, sometimes our home felt a bit like a fast food outlet, but everyone seemed to have a good time. The Bottom Line? . . . St Michaels raised over £600 for the appeal on behalf of this Rotary Club initiative. We want to thank everyone who came, contributed, ate, cleared away and helped to wash the dishes.

Want to know more? visit

Annual General Meeting

St Michael & All Angels Annual General Meeting

Sunday 8th December 2019

Follow this link to see meeting minutes, accounts and the Rectors Report

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