All Age 1km and 5km Family Fun Event

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Helensburgh Child Contact Centre

See details here of an important Helensburgh Child Contact Centre Event

Michaelmas 2018

On 29th September, Michaelmas Day, we will mark St Michael’s feast as part of the Patronal celebration of St Michael and All Angels Scottish Episcopal Church here in Helensburgh.  On Sunday 30th September at our 10:30 am Sung Eucharist we will honour and give thanks for the Archangel St Michael.

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Our current tableau

Members of our congregation work hard to produce a frequently changing tableau on display in the Church reflecting events and celebrations in the Churches life and in the Bible Narrative. This scene is from the Gospel of John Chapter 2.








Here is “The wedding at Cana” which reflects also perhaps on the wedding held at St Michaels on Saturday.

Young people – Contraflow at St Michaels

Helen Buchanan, the Contraflow Youth Worker updated the congregation on progress over the last year. She was enthusiastic and encouraged that things were getting a lot better and contact with the young people particularly with Hermitage Academy and Hermitage Primary was stronger

Revd Ind and Helen at St Michaels today


A Wedding in 2018

The Wedding of Emma Steuart-Corrie and Alan Reeve at St Michaels on Saturday 9th September 2018.

A Barbecue in 2018

Now find out how it went!

Preparing for the Institution of the new Rector

Faith is one of those ephemeral things that you can’t see or touch, yet you know is real through personal experience. As St. Michael and All Angels, Helensburgh, eagerly awaits the arrival of our new rector, Dominic Ind, and his wife Anna, we trust God for the future of our church.

The gospel reading for the 29th July is the familiar account of the Feeding of the Five Thousand as recorded in John chapter 6. A vast crowd has followed Jesus to a remote hillside, hanging on his words and wondering at the miracles of healing he was performing. Time goes on and there is a realisation the crowd needs food, yet it is too late to buy anything like sufficient food. All that is available is a boy’s lunch box of two fish and five small loaves. To the astonishment of the assembled crowd and the twelve disciples, Jesus is able to multiply the food abundantly, so much so that twelve baskets were left over. We see the lesson of the abundance of God’s provision if we exercise our faith and trust God. The reading continues with another miracle, as Jesus comes to the disciples across the sea, as they struggle with a sudden storm. Jesus calms their fears and takes them instantly to their destination. Again, we see the need to trust God when the turbulence and challenges of life seem to overwhelm us.

We look forward with excitement to the Service of Institution on Saturday 4th August, which we want to be a real community event. We know a number of special guests will be present, representing local civic life, HMNB Clyde and our neighbouring churches. Clergy from around the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway will be showing their support for Dom as he is instituted as rector by Bishop Gregor Duncan, and the guest preacher will be the Rt. Rev. David Chillingworth, who was Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church from 2009 until his retirement last year. Our worship will be centred around the celebration of the Eucharist, and we want as many people as possible from our church family, as well as those from other churches and the surrounding community to join in this joyful occasion. There will be ‘finger buffet style refreshments in the upper hall afterwards. If you are able to contribute to the catering, please see Maureen Kyle.

Please do come to this important event which starts a new era in the life of St Michael’s church, and bring your friends. We have no idea what the future holds for our church as the adventure begins under the guidance of a new rector. Yet we move forward in confidence and faith because we know Jesus was able to meet the needs of the crowd and took care of the disciples on the stormy sea. Faith may seem vague and invisible, but it is based on solid truth as evidenced in the Bible and in the experience of millions of Christians down through the centuries.

If you are a longstanding resident of Helensburgh, a newcomer or a visitor, why not come along and receive a welcome at the Service of Institution, 1100 on Saturday 4th August, or at any of our regular services on Sundays and Tuesdays?