Rambling Club Walks – 2021

18 November 2021: Whinny Hill – Knockour Hill Ramble

After meeting at the Church,16 people (a good turn-out considering the forecast) drove to the upper Balloch Castle parking area where the normally quiet and peaceful atmosphere was shattered by the park maintenance team with their leaf blowers.

On the descent, we met Woodland Trust workers taking notes about intended improvements to the area. At the bottom of Knochour, we admired the gullies & pipes taking the water away from the previously flooded path. At the top of the hill the  view from the seat was limited but removing foliage is also on the trust list for improvement.

The whole party was in favour of descending to the private road. Even though the path was steep, slippery and muddy in parts there were no mishaps. As the weather was closing in, there was no detour to the new viewing field and a steady pace was maintained along the private road. We had been lucky so far but a sudden downpour drenched everyone. Cameron House and even the loch,  disappeared from sight and all were keen to move on.

On reaching the original road crossing, one or two people opted to take the smooth road via Robin House, whilst the others braved the path by the Burn of Balloch and the maintenance track, taking pictures of a tree trunk pixie castle sculpture.

Length: 4.83 miles 7.78 km
Ascent: +206m -210m
StM: 3h 30m

AND AFTER: Only 7 visited Lomond Shores for giant scones, as most of us were still saturated.