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St Michael’s Christmas Wreaths… and a Tree!

Christmas Wreaths at St Michaels

What beautiful Christmas wreaths are displayed on doors and in gardens by our parishioners. And there’s even one tree to enjoy! Scroll down to have a look! The wreath on the Rectory’s front door. Ann Packard’s wreath. Joan and John Sadden’s Christmas Tree. John…

Flower arranging at St Michael’s

Evanda Yeomans has volunteered to take over the Church Flower Arranging group for St.Michael’s. Details of how to contact Evanda, regarding the flower rota, will be published in the next issue of the Messenger.

Flower arranging at St. Michael’s

Thank You Sue

Message from Sue Ashby:  I am retiring from organising the flower arranging at St.Michael’s. At present no one has volunteered to fill the vacancy, but I will be happy to support whoever fills this role. Meanwhile I hope you will continue to offer your…