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News on social events held at St Michael’s during 2020

Your Lockdown Activities

Following on from our Easter Tree and Spring Garden photos, we asked you share what you’ve been up to during lockdown, what crafts you’ve been doing, or new hobbies you’ve taken up or exercise routines and even video’s if you have one?  Here we share the…

Spring in Our Gardens – 2020

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Maureen & Brian Kyles’ Spring garden!  Christine Fowler’s Garden Maureen and Brian’s Garden Lorna Douglas’ dog attempting to do the impossible Aliet and Chris Ray’s Garden

Easter Trees for Easter 2020

Collage of Easter Trees

During Holy Week some truly wonderful Easter Trees were created to cheer up families and neighbours in lock down during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are the photographs of the Easter Trees we received, some with and some without their stories. Adam & Eva Cowburn (Eva…